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a journey into mind expansion through drugs

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my first datura trip [Sep. 24th, 2009|10:37 pm]
a journey into mind expansion through drugs


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i found this growing by my house

i went by last night while walking my dog holding a pair of scissors and a bag. these plants are on the side of the road so i can only imagine what people think to see a small girl assaulting a plant accompanied by a corgi.

what i first did was eat some seeds but there are so many different dosages one can take. i've read that people get high off of 15 and that others eat 500.

i just boiled one of the flowers and made a tea out of it. it tasted like shit so i added honey and lemon and it was alright. i was kind of wary of the plant because i kept imagining it wasn't the right kind since it was taking forever for something to kick in. i drank this tea at 12am last night. around 2 i felt a huge fucking wave of an incredible and indescribable high. i still didn't think i was high even though my dog kept looking at me with the saddest face and i heard her think "i don't like this." my cat seemed indifferent to what i was doing. i understood her because cats don't really care. i felt terrible that my dog was mad at me.

i got up and walked to the bathroom because i figured id take a shower since i was so dirty. i was too woozy and felt scared that i'd fall and hurt myself. i decided to try again later and i took a shower. once i put some clothes on and dried myself is when it started to get weird. it took about 2 and a half hours for this to get to it's peak.

i haven't experienced much with things that alter people. i've smoked weed, i smoked weed laced with pcp a few times (without me knowing), i've abused painkillers. i know what it's like to be HAMMERED drunk. this was unreal. it was unlike anything i've ever felt before. it felt like two dimensions and you're overwhelmed by this fact that you want to keep a foot in both. it felt like i was fading from reality into something else. like once you got high enough these gates opened that let you tap into this other world. the only way to trigger it is by getting high this way.

i started to get scared because kate told me that she did datura once with someone and almost died. i started panicking a little because i kept thinking of her warnings and all of the bad trip stories i read. also i was pretty fucking foolish and was doing it alone without someone sober to watch me. i was going to do it on my birthday since my friend was coming over but i am impatient. i had the plant now so i wanted it now.

i asked her if i should make myself puke. she said i had probably digested it by now so there was no use. i did try to make myself barf. i heaved 3 times but nothing would come out. so i was like oh ok and decided to just ride it out.

i kept thinking of all the bad things. i got so tired and thought that if i went to sleep i'd die. i attribute this to everyone FREAKING ME OUT ABOUT IT because i think it could have been a spectacular experience. at one point i tried to swallow and it felt like i had two throats that were really small and closing. my mouth was very dry. i tried to get a drink and i remember holding the cup thinking DONT DROP THIS YOU FUCKER. i drank and my throat fucking CLOSED UP COMPLETELY. this was the part about the high that i didnt like at all. your throat gets really constricted. you also get really hot, like fever hot.

i got scared because i kept thinking of bad experiences i read about and people told me about so i decided to lay down so i didn't stay up and walk around and do something weird. i think i took enough to be able to know what was wrong and what was right, though. i fell asleep for a brief moment when i woke up to a cat handing me a calculator. i went to grab it and it wasn't there. i punched the couch instead. the hallucinations you experience on this you don't see with your eyes. you see an image in your head that lasts for about two seconds. i kept seeing all these animals handing me things. toilet paper, calculators, staplers. my legs felt like they were made of sand. i tried to lift them and i felt so slow. i felt like gravity was turned on 230329302932 and i was pressurized to the couch. i thought for a second about how could such an evil plant be growing casually on the side of a main road. i thought of the animals that probably ate the plant. i thought, "I NEED TO DESTROY IT." the high lasted forever. my pupils are still dilated. when i finally got up at 5pm to go to class, i finally felt sober.

i kept finding myself spacing out during javascript though.

all in all, it really wasn't bad. my dosage was: a cup of tea made from boiling the flower and about 30 seeds. the thing about this is, that it's not a high that's soft and increases slowly. for me, i was completely sober for 2 hours after taking it, when it hit me like a wrecking ball at full force. i'm glad that after drinking the tea i didn't drink anymore, although i wanted to because i was so frustrated at it not making me high. i started to think "im probably just being an idiot eating some random fucking plant on the road." like kids smoking catnip that they think is weed because they got tricked hardcore.

OH I JUST REMEMBERED TOO. i made myself a bowl of pasta then decided i didnt want to eat it. later on i went to get the pasta and it wasnt there. i never made pasta.

and i just remembered this too. when i was taking the plant out of the bag, there were a ton of green caterpillars on it. ok maybe like 6. they had horns on their butts. i started calling them battlepillars instead. i put them outside but i kept imagining them coming inside and wanting to sit down with me.

i'd do it again. especially now because i know what my threshold is, and i know not to be afraid because i know what to expect. i think i'd just drink about half a cup this time just to make sure i don't trip as hard. i'd rate my first trip as a 70 or something though. mainly cause i was being paranoid about it from what people were telling me. i never freak out like that when i try anything. but since this IS a dangerous thing and there have been cases of people getting completely trashed, it made me afraid.

also i felt so cool like a native american or something because i was getting high off of this random plant that is untouched and has no additives of anything else. i wanted a headdress bad.